Can Aston Martin Really Cram a V12 into a Scion iQ?

Can Aston Martin Really Cram a V12 into a Scion iQ?

Is it April Fools’ Day or late October? Allegedly the folks at Aston Martin have figured out how to cram a V12 into a Cygnet city car.

A feasibility study has reportedly been completed and the British firm’s 6.0-liter powerplant supposedly drops in without requiring drastic modifications to the vehicle’s engine compartment. Of course merely getting the thing to fit is not the end of the story.

The Toyota iQ-based (Scion iQ in North America) Cygnet requires additional upgrades to handle the added weight, horsepower and torque. Word has it they’re “significant but not insurmountable.” Remember, the base engine displaces just 1.3-liters and delivers 97 brake horsepower.

It’s unknown whether Aston Martin will ever offer a city-sized car with a dozen cylinders under the hood. If the company ever decided to pull the trigger on something like this they would likely follow in Nissan’s tire tracks. The Japanese automaker sells its Juke R as a project car. The compact crossover features a twin-turbocharged drivetrain from the GT-R.

[Source: AutoCar]