Chevrolet Dealer Arrests Customer for ‘Stealing’ Traverse

Chevrolet Dealer Arrests Customer for ‘Stealing’ Traverse

It’s a phrase people throw around: getting a “steal” of a deal, but for one Chevrolet buyer those words aren’t so casual. 

In fact, Danny Sawyer, a 40-year-old registered nurse, found himself being arrested on his front lawn after buying a Chevrolet Traverse for $5,600 less than the dealer meant to charge. The dealership phoned police saying Sawyer stole the SUV when in reality he had refused to pay the higher price. Now, he’s suing the dealership for $2.2 million and attorney fees, accusing it of malicious prosecution, slander, defamation and abuse of process.

The series of events started on May 7 when Sawyer traded in his Saturn Vue for a Black Traverse, but returned the next day to exchange it for a blue model which was supposed to cost more. Sales manager Wib Davenport approved the exchange, allegedly without mentioning the price difference.

Sawyer went on a week-long trip and returned to a series of voicemail messages asking him to return and sign new paperwork, something Sawyers lawsuit says he refused to do.

Fast-forward to June 15 and three police officers arrested him on his front lawn. He spent four hours in jail before being released on bond. In August the Commonwealth of Virginia dropped all the charges citing insufficient evidence.

[Source: Daily Mail]