Chevrolet Volt Glitch to be Fixed at Dealerships

Chevrolet Volt Glitch to be Fixed at Dealerships

Roughly 4,000 Chevrolet Volts are at risk of shutting down while in motion because of a software glitch.

“We are notifying 2013 model year Chevy Volt owners about a customer satisfaction issue. We have received a few reports from owners that their electric motor has temporarily stopped working, resulting from a software anomaly when their vehicle is in the delayed time and rate charge mode,” GM spokesperson Michelle Malko said to the Detroit News.

It’s an issue GM is already addressing by instructing its dealers to “re-flash” the vehicle controls systems — a process that takes less than an hour. Unlike cars powered by internal combustion engines which power the wheels but also the cars power brakes and steering systems, Volt drivers will still have power-assisted steering and stopping at their disposal.

“Until then, we’re recommending that customers switch to immediate instead of delayed time charging to avoid this inconvenience,” Malcho said.

Drivers won’t be stranded, either. GM says the cars will be able to start normally after sitting for three to five minutes. Despite that, being stranded on the side of a road, especially a highway, presents a serious risk.

Neither 2011 nor 2012 model year Volts are affected by the issue.

[Source: Detroit News]