Chevrolet Volt Sales Still Beating Nissan Leaf

Chevrolet Volt Sales Still Beating Nissan Leaf

It’s a battle of less than epic proportions, yes, but the Chevrolet Volt outsold Nissan’s Leaf by a big margin for the second month in a row last month.

Last month the bow tie-branded plug-in hybrid managed to break its sales record by selling 2,831 units to embarrass the Leaf. While that could have been a fluke, September’s numbers suggest otherwise. Not only did the Volt maintain its increased sales pace, but it actually beat the August numbers with 2,851 sales.

Meanwhile, the Leaf sold 984 units which was an improvement over August but still far short of Chevy. Consumers aren’t seeming as warm to the idea of buying a pure EV anymore, something Nissan execs are aware of.

Worse still, Toyota is essentially pulling the plug on its Scion iQ EV before the little car hits the market, by limiting production to a scant 100 units.

Things are looking rough for the Leaf with a handful of outraged customers saying their car’s battery packs wore out much sooner than expected.

Bad press already plagued the Volt and with its Nissan competitor being pelted, Chevrolet is well positioned to pounce on what little market share there might be. Ultimately, it seems the company’s strategy to offer a gasoline “security blanket” is paying off despite early concerns about spontaneously combusting cars.

  • most of Volt’s sales are from fleet or govenment, while Leafs are retail ones.

  • Terry8053

    I have always wondered why the Volt and Leaf are compared in sales.  The leaf should be in a class by itself being strictly electric.

  • bearnut

    You are so wrong.  Very few from fleet or government.  They sell because they are great cars, pure and simple.  You spew Fox news too much.

  • Truthfully speaking, all the GM’s cars are of crap. This so-called hi-tech Volt is even more crapy because it is too new to GM

  • Yes, in terms of technology, they are very different cars. .However, by comparing so in a misleading way,  GM  wants to make the crapy Volt look good and sexy.

  • Crappy Johnson

    @ “crapy” chavitz:  I drive a Volt and it’s one of the best cars I’ve ever owned… “truthfully speaking” that is.   You haven’t a clue to what you’re talking about.

  • It is well known that GM makes crapy cars, which is why in decades long quality servey, American cars have been always at the bottom. 

    Usually new cars are more prone to defects. Is it true to Volt?  You have no idea about the common knowledge when making a BS like “it’s one of the best cars” . That’s crapy too. 

  • The Spelling Robot

    I believe the word you’re looking for is spelled “crappy.” Good job, retardo. 

  • Back away from the keyboard and go test drive Volt. The Volt is ranked #1 in  customer satisfaction by Consumer Reports, beating out the Porsche 911.  And it ranked #1 in customer satisfaction in J. D. Power’s compact category.

    You are clueless.

  • DubLBareL

    Well schitfits, you have certainly managed to show everyone who knows anything about cars what an ignorant troll you are. Great Job!

  • Yermom

    False, less than 15% of Volt sales are fleet. 

  • Yermom

    Car of the Year and it’s crap?  Don’t be an ignorant troll.  Have you driven one? Have you driven ANY GM care in the last 2-3 years? Chevy, Cadillac, and even Buicks are far better than they have been in ages.

  • I see bunch of comments calling Volt ‘crapy” without giving any specific reason..

  • and you are a bullshit, because the Volt and the rest of the EVs are the best.