Chevy Volt App Shows your Charge-Up Costs

Chevy Volt App Shows your Charge-Up Costs

OnStar is testing a new app that will tell Chevrolet Volt owners the energy cost associated with charging their car. 

Called EcoHub, the app pulls information from your overall home energy usage and from OnStar to calculate monthly electricity consumption. Then it shows users how much of that power went into the car and how much the home. It also offers information on how much that energy cost based on current rates.

The app is being tested out in the real world right now by the residents of the Pecan Street demonstration project, a smart-grid living community in Austin, Tex.

“We’ve found that Volt owners love to keep track of and compare their personal driving stats, like electric miles driven for example,” said Cristi Landy, Chevrolet Volt marketing director. “The EcoHub app is another great example of using the vehicle’s embedded technology to provide Volt owners with useful information.”

  • Roger Thornhill

    I can’t wait until the app is available in LA where I can track my Volt cost.  So far, 752 miles and I haven’t used ANY gas!