Defective Struts Prompt Big Investigation by NHTSA

Defective Struts Prompt Big Investigation by NHTSA

Certain rear-liftgate struts provided by auto parts supplier Stabilus have been reported as defective by Toyota, Honda and Ford, but it isn’t clear if other cars use them as well.

Now, an investigation is underway looking into where else the struts ended up. Last February, Honda notified NHTSA about the defect, which can be found on 2008 through 2009 Odyssey vehicles. The issue is the rear-liftgate struts are prone to early failure, meaning that they will lose pressure and not operate at all.

After Stabilus was identifed as the manufacturer of the struts, NHTSA’s recall management division (RMD) began researching where else the struts are installed.

That investigation connected three separate past recalls which focused on those same struts on Ford, Toyota and other Honda vehicles, although at first Stabilus was not identified as the manufacturer.

Toyota issued its recall on May 30, 2008, for model year 2004 through 2006 Sienna vehicles, while Ford announced its recall on March 6, 2006, for 2005 through 2006 Freestar and Mercury Monterey vehicles. Honda also had another past recall, issued on February 18, 2010 which affected 2005 Odyssey vehicles.

Now, all manufacturers have confirmed that Stabilus was the provider of the affected struts. The purpose of the NHTSA investigation is to contact Stabilus and identify any other manufacturer that may have used the faulty parts. Recalls will be conducted accordingly if any other vehicles are found to use the same parts.

  • Liz

    So, I took the struts off of my Freestar after reading this thinking it would be a good idea. Turns out, the liftgate is REALLY HEAVY. I dropped it on some groceries accidentally and now there’s raw egg and cabbage al over the rear seatbacks. Thanks a lot, AutoGuide…

  • Stewartg

    Its only cars with automatic opening you dummo’s.
    Turns out the auto mechanism lifts it up then lets it go.
    If the gas springs are worn out it falls down.
    There were probably only the three types of cars made with this system.