Domino’s Picks Ultimate Delivery Vehicle Concept Car

Domino’s Picks Ultimate Delivery Vehicle Concept Car

Back in August, Domino’s Pizza announced its collaboration with Local Motors for its Ultimate Delivery Vehicle Challenge, asking the creative minds of the world to come up with designing a one-of-a-kind delivery vehicle.

The first phase of the competition has now been completed as Anej Kostrevc from Slovenia came up with the Domino’s Pack, taking home first place honors. Over the course of six weeks, more than 1,500 concept files were submitted for over 200 project ideas. In the end, 127 concepts met all the criteria for the competition before Local Motors and Domino’s Pizza chose the top ten Finalists.

“This competition was really exciting for us,” said Jay Rogers, Local Motors CEO and co-founder. “It was certainly one of the most challenging we’ve held to date, and our community really rose to the challenge, responding with some incredibly innovative entries. If the quality and passion reflected in these concept designs is any indication, the subsequent phases of this challenge will lead us to a truly exception delivery vehicle design that Domino’s customers and franchisees will be excited about.”

Moving forward, the next phase of the competition will kick off with the Packaging competition which will run from October 30th to November 12th. Following that will be the Interior competition from November 27th to December 11th. The contest will then take a break until 2013, when the Surfacing competition starts on January 8th and runs until January 22nd. Then there’s the Rendering competition which will kick off on February 5th and end on February 19th.

Check out a gallery of the winning submission and the other top 10 entries below.

GALLERY: Domino’s Ultimate Delivery Vehicle Challenge


  • diana greazel


    I’m concerned that several of the other entries which, in my
    opinion, did a better job of meeting the design brief, were overlooked–not
    making it into the ‘top ten;’ and this makes me concerned about ‘crowdsourcing’
    in general. It shouldn’t necessarily be the guy with the most friends who
    wins, but instead just the best design. This should be chosen not by the Local
    Motors ‘community,’ but by the client–and I would think, by consulting
    somewhat with the drivers who will have to live with the winning design every

    While the winner is nicely drawn, compare it to this ‘non
    finalist’ entry for example:




    (Admittedly, that was my dad’s entry, but still.)

    Now, which one do you think honestly best ‘delivers’ on this
    competition’s stated design brief which includes:  “… be a vehicle (that the delivery
    drivers) are excited to drive…inspire Domino’s franchise owners to purchase
    the vehicle…

    …drivers are not excited by the average fleet vehicle and
    don’t want to be seen driving it. (But) This would all change for both the
    franchisee and the driver if the franchisee had a vehicle that drivers actually
    wanted to drive and be seen in…

    …And most importantly…it must look great!”


    In my opinion–and apparently many others, from reading other
    forums–the winner, and several of the top ten, either don’t meet federal
    safety guidelines, and are thereby unreproducible and thus irrelevant, or they don’t
    meet the above stated brief, especially with regards to ‘looks.’ Not to mention


    Of course I’m biased but–to me the winner looks like
    nothing more than a dressed up Yamaha Rhino from Outdoor World. For $20,000? No
    thank you.


    Check out all the other entries including those that ‘didn’t
    make it’ into the top ten here:



    (Regarding my dad’s entry…he’s largely moved on, but I’m
    trying to encourage him to maybe make a few minor changes to it and then hit up
    Papa John’s with it…there seems to me to be more ‘car guys’ over there that
    might ‘get it.’ After all, there’s been ‘cola wars;’ So why not ‘pizza car
    wars?’) Your thoughts?