DTM, Super GT Form Racing Partnership Starting in 2014

DTM, Super GT Form Racing Partnership Starting in 2014

Not quite the same merger as what ALMS and Grand-Am are doing, but DTM and Japan’s Super GT have signed a cooperation deal that will see DTM race cars at Super GT events and vice versa.

For decades, race enthusiasts have dreamt what it would be like to see the DTM race cars of Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz compete against the likes of Super GT racers from Honda, Nissan, and Toyota. Starting in 2014, that dream will become a reality thanks to a new agreement between the two racing bodies.

The agreement regarding the use of the ‘New DTM’ regulations by Japan’s Super GT will begin in 2014, and for now, will run for at least four years. The two organizations will work together on the basis of sharing technical regulations to not only guarantee maximum safety and cost-efficient racing, but put on a spectacular sport across Europe and Japan.

During a transitional period, cars will be categorized based on a system called ‘balance of performance,’ to create equal opportunities for DTM and Super GT race cars with different engine concepts.

“This is a very special day for all those involved but in addition, it also has got outstanding significance for the entire motor racing world. This unique cooperation was made possible by the right parties getting involved at the perfect point in time,” said Hans Werner Aufrecht, Chairman of DTM rights holder.

[Source: Audi Motorsport Blog]