EcoBoost Mustang Teased by Ford Racing for SEMA

EcoBoost Mustang Teased by Ford Racing for SEMA

Ford Racing just released a teaser photo of the hood from one of the cars it will bring to this year’s SEMA Show, hinting at an EcoBoost-powered Mustang.

There’s almost nothing to go on in the photo except for the top right corner. It’s there you can see a black and blue stripe — the EcoBoost line’s signature mark.

It’s hardly a guarantee, but at the very least it’s a strong signal that Ford Racing is planning to show an EcoBoost Mustang. It isn’t clear which EcoBoost engine it would be, but the photo opens some interesting possibilities.

There’s the popular six-cylinder powerplant that powers many of the brand’s F-Series trucks, which would mean 365 hp and 420 lb-ft of torque on tap — giving it more torque than the current V8-powered GT.

Then again it could also be an EcoBoost four cylinder which would be even more exciting given the recent chatter about the 2015 Mustang (rendered to the right) being offered with a turbo four-cylinder option.

For example, the optional 2.0-liter EcoBoost four powering the 2013 Taurus already makes 240 hp. That’s a far cry from the 310 hp engine reported last week, but turbocharged products are easy to tweak.

[Source: Mustangs Daily]