Efficiency, Connectivity Most Valued in 2013 Cars: Study

Efficiency, Connectivity Most Valued in 2013 Cars: Study

Using less gas and connecting loads of electronics are the most important factors in new cars according to a long list of industry pundits.

At the Paris Motor Show, the World Car of the Year jurors met with auto media analysis firm Prime Research. Together they concluded that efficiency and connectivity are the two most popular and important trends coming out of the auto business in 2013.

Engine efficiency remains the number one topic in global media coverage, but connectivity and telematics are closing in as a strong up-and-coming trend” Dr. Rainer Mathes, president of Prime Research said. Of that group 25 percent also concluded that both efficiency and connectivity would reign supreme as motivators in the future.

Discussions regarding lightweight vehicles are on the radar of most automotive media according to the experts, but it seems that it is still out of focus, and not a technology that has been discussed all that much. It still remains as a fringe topic, but is expected to have more light shed on it in the future.

Discussion also surrounded EVs, but not in a positive way. Prime researchsaid “reporting on electric vehicles, by contrast, has decreased for the first time in recent years, and our expert panel of top global journalists has voiced increasingly negative views.”

EVs were lauded upon arrival as impressive technology, but that enthusiasm is waning quickly over time. As evidence, the expert panel said that the Chevrolet Volt is still the most promising electric vehicle, thanks to its range extended drivetrain.

As far as other electric products go, the expert panel says that Toyota and Nissan are expected to be the biggest players in the EV market continuing into the future, followed closely by Tesla. They also say that Fisker and BYD are considered to be the most likely EV-producing automakers to fail.