Espionage on the Rise in Automotive Industry

Espionage on the Rise in Automotive Industry

According to government data, industrial espionage in the automotive industry is on the rise, with Toyota, Ford, and General Motors all recently reporting cases of stolen intellectual property.

Most recently, a former Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America IT contractor is being accused of hacking into the automaker’s network and stealing trade secrets. Two of America’s largest automakers recently discovered employees who stole and shared – or perhaps sold – sensitive information to foreign competitors.

In one case, a former Ford employee stole thousands of secrets in order to secure a job with another company. The stolen information  included engine and transmission mounting, electric power supplies and electric subsystems. That former employee was caught, slapped with a $12,500 fine and is currently serving a 70-month sentence in federal prison.

The American automaker however estimates the theft to be between $50 and $100 million in labor costs.

[Source: Automotive News]