Ford Claims Best Fuel Economy at Montreal Green Rally

Ford Claims Best Fuel Economy at Montreal Green Rally

Vehicles don’t try to race around the course as quickly as possible at the Montreal Green Rally.

Part of the FIA Alternative Energies Cup, participants drive their vehicle on a predefined course at normal speeds to determine fuel and energy consumption.

“It was a terrific race and the Ford Focus Electric was a definite asset in terms of getting best energy economy. Ford got it right when they developed this vehicle, the brake regeneration system is incredibly efficient,” said Sylvain Juteau, who recently made automotive history by being the first to drive to the top of Mount Washington in his own Ford Focus Electric.

This year, Sylvain Juteau and Bruno Guglielminetti claimed a podium finish for Ford of Canada with a 2012 Ford Focus Electric at the event. The Focus Electric came in first place in the energy consumption standings and second place overall in the all-electric standings at the two-day event.

That also wasn’t the only Ford model represented at the event. A 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid came in third place in the Hybrid Vehicle category. In addition, the all-new 2013 Ford C-MAX Hybrid also competed with Allain McKenna and Yohan LeDuc from Sympatico Autos behind the wheel.