GoPro WiFi Hero3 Announced – Video

GoPro WiFi Hero3 Announced – Video

Over the last few years, GoPro cameras have become all the rage for action sports enthusiasts. Of course, automotive enthusiasts have found many ways to incorporate GoPros to capture footage – in car and on the track.

The company’s newest camera has just been released and is the most advanced one yet. Dubbed the Hero3: Black Edition, the new W-i-Fi enabled GoPro is 30-percent smaller, 25-percent lighter, and twice as powerful than previous models. New resolutions and frame rates on the Hero3: Black Edition include 4Kp at 15 frames per second (fps), 2.7kp at 30 fps, 1080p at 60 fps, 1440p at 48 fps, 960p at 100 fps, 720p at 120 fps, and 12-megapixel burst photo capture at 30 fps.

Those not quite ready to make the upgrade to the Hero3 and are quite happy with their Hero2 camera should take a look at the new GoPro App that’s currently available for Apple iOS devices. The app will allow users to connect to their HD Hero2 camera via WiFi to control camera settings without being near the camera. Perfect for race teams that have to manage multiple cameras from the pits on their race cars.

Watch a video on the GoPro HERO3: Black Edition below.

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