Honda Beat Confirmed for Production

Honda Beat Confirmed for Production

Honda President Takanobu Ito has confirmed that a new-generation Beat model will be heading to production, bringing back the automaker’s mini-sports car from 20 years ago.

Rumors and speculation of the Honda Beat revival began last year, and when the Japanese automaker displayed its EV-STER Concept, giving us a glimpse into its design. It’s the car that excites Honda President Ito the most and recently mentioned how his interest in the Beat came when development of the new NSX began.

“When the Beat was being built, I was on the development team to work on the NSX sports car and sports cars are something I really love,” Ito said. “I was kind of envious of the little cute sports car.”

Last year Honda confirmed that the EV-STER was heading to production, and now it appears that the production Beat model will be based on the EV-STER. The question is whether or not it’ll be a true sports car to take on the Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ, or if it’ll be an electric vehicle. Or perhaps, given its rumored Fit underpinnings, the new Beat will be available with a choice of electric or gasoline propulsion.



[Source: Automotive News]

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    That is a nice looking little car.  It has a distinctive character to it that makes it stand out from crowd.

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    Bring it on to the dealership !!!!! I’m ready

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    Let’s GOOOO!

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    The production version looks very different