Honda Mulls Return to Formula One

Honda Mulls Return to Formula One

Exiting the sport in 2008, Honda has reportedly resumed interest in the pinnacle of motorsports: Formula One.

In an interview with the UK’s Autocar, Honda R&D boss Yoshiharu Yamamoto said he hopes the brand can return to F1 in the future, while acknowledging the massive commitment that such a move would be. “On a personal level I love racing, but there is a lot involved when you are in F1 … and that requires a large commitment,” he said. “But it is true that we do look up at those races and hope that one day we can take part again.”

According to Yamamoto the rules of the sport would have to change before Honda could consider a return. Conveniently enough, the rules are set to change in 2014, with a new 1.6-liter turbocharged engine set to be used by each team.

“I follow the rules, certainly, and if they present an opportunity then it would be nice to go back,” said Yamamoto, who did clarify that these are his opinions and not those of Honda.

According to Yamamoto, Honda is first committed to the World Touring Car Championship, (WTCC) where it will campaign a Honda Civic race car powered by an all-new turbocharged 1.6-liter 4-cylidner engine starting this year.

[Source: Autocar]

  • StRazgriz 23

    It also just so happens that McLaren are reportedly loosing their Mercedes engines for 2014.  Could this mean the return of the McLaren Hondas?