Honda, Ohio State Co-Develop Driving Simulator

Honda, Ohio State Co-Develop Driving Simulator

Honda is developing a driving simulator in cooperation with Ohio State University hoping to further improve its vehicle’s safety.

The new Driving Simulator Laboratory will be designed to conduct advanced research into distracted driving and other issues that affect driver behavior and road safety. It will be co-developed by Honda R&D Americas and the Ohio State University Office of Research.

“This new simulator will help us further strengthen our local research capabilities to gain an even deeper understanding of our customers and to advance our ability to create even more safe, smart and intuitive Honda and Acura products,” said Frank Paluch, senior vice president of Honda R&D America’s Inc.

The main simulator will feature a full cab, mounted to a six-degrees-of-freedom motion platform with a 240-degree wraparound projection screen. High-resolution, edge-blended visuals will display a wide variety of driving situations to simulate real-world scenarios. A second simulator will also be developed to optimize the testing for production vehicles.

Biometric sensors will assist in measuring blood pressure, heart rate, eye movement, and galvanic skin response among others. In addition, respiration, heart and blink rates will provide the company with valuable data to gauge the psychological and physiological state of a driver in a variety of real-world conditions.

“The co-development of this new facility by Honda R&D and the university’s office of research expands our partnership in new and important ways. Moreover, it presents both the university and Honda with the chance to conduct leading-edge research into the psychological components of the driving experience and its impact on issues such as driver distraction and overall vehicle safety,” Paluch said.