Hyundai “Velocity” Veloster is a Skunk Works Project With Cosworth Tuning: 2012 SEMA Show

Hyundai “Velocity” Veloster is a Skunk Works Project With Cosworth Tuning: 2012 SEMA Show

Comfortably overshadowing Hyundai’s RE:MIX special edition Veloster production car unveiled today at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas is another Veloster built by Hyundai staff, though with a little help from Cosworth.

A skunk works project built by the design and engineering teams at Hyundai’s Irvine, CA office it boasts a wild aero kit with an even wilder rear spoiler. Designed as a track ready machine it features a full roll cage and Sparco racing seats inside while at each corner a Bilstein suspension system lowers the car significantly. Huge 19-inch HRE wheels complete the look, with a Brembo big brake upgrade and some wide 275 series Kumho tires.

As for power, Hyundai outsourced that project to the experts at Cosworth, who tuned the Veloster Turbo’s 1.6-liter engine to 400-hp.

Is Hyundai secretly planning a higher-performance Veloster Turbo? One can only hope.

GALLERY: Hyundai “Velocity” Veloster


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  • Neverendingmods

    Build it Hyundai and call it the ” VelociRaptor “.  Even a 320HP/280TQ AWD version for less than $28K(don’t price it more than an STi/EVO or it WILL NOT SELL!!).  Keep it quicker than a base WRX(265hp AWD) and cheaper than a base WRX ($27K).  Even if FWD only, just give it 5 link rear independent suspension, strong front axles, a big twin scroll turbo like the EVO size, front mount I/C, 4 pot brakes(don’t have to be Brembo, just good), a 6 spd manual option and the 8spd auto from the Genesis Coupe option. Stock Veloster Turbo Interior is good enough. Just add more bolstered front seats while eliminating the rear seats creating a flat cargo area in the big rear hatch.  The third door advertised as a way to help store/transport the four racing rims/tires for weekend track use. 
    Gotta be able to market your cars better.  I NEVER see commercials for the Veloster Turbo, the Genesis Coupe, or even the sporty yet sleeper Sonata Turbo family sedan.
    The ” VelociRaptor ” could be a HUGE presence on the weekend track scene.  Just as the STi and EVO are.  But these cars are overpriced for the market they are intended for currantly.  Speaking from the perspective of a weekend racer, I was attracted to the original 02 WRX for its cheap price and its EASE to modify and race on weekends(autoX).  I upgraded to a 06 STi again for its relatively cheap price and compared to WRX, is stronger, faster, and simply faster around a track by a HUGE margin.  The  ” Velociraptor” has the ability to be a future legend. A sports car that everyone wants because of its ability to become a track weapon on the weekends.
     Currently there are not enough standard Veloster Turbos to attract a LOT of aftermarket support.  Increase build quantity of turbo Veloster(I see NONE at local dealers ever) and build a track worthy model to finally put Hyundai in the same category as Subaru WRX STi, Mitsubishi Lancer EVOLUTION type circles at SCCA type races.  You built a nasty rally car and showed you can do it.  Now with the Cosworth Veloster Turbo you have really showed the potential of the 1.6 GDI engine. 
    Marketing is key.  The performance “VelociRaptor” should not STRIVE for fuel economy.  But 28-30 mpg would set you above the competition easily.  And since it appears the EVO will bow out after 2013 as it currently stands, the only true hardcore competitor you will have will be the WRX STi and maybe a JCW Mini AWD that BMW has hinted at selling since returning to WRC.
    Build it Hyundai, advertise it, and they WILL come…buyers and the aftermarket alike.

  • 400hp in a 1.6 wow that is amazing.