Hyundai Veloster Under Safety Investigation for “Exploding” Sunroof

Hyundai Veloster Under Safety Investigation for “Exploding” Sunroof

The NHTSA Office of Defect Investigation is looking into eleven complaints received from owners of 2012 Hyundai Veloster vehicles, who allege that their panaromic sunroofs shattered or exploded.

Of the eleven complaints, seven of the owners say that the sunroof shattered while driving at typical highway speeds. “I was driving, making a left hand turn from a stop light and then heard a very loud bang! The sunroof above me shattered and fell all over me, the car, and outside,” one Veloster owner wrote in a submitted complaint to NHTSA.

Other owners complaints indicate that there were no abnormal conditions on the day when the sunroof shattered, such as high or low temperature, with one owner even reporting that it happened while he was washing his car, saying that glass flew up to six feet in all directions.

The defect is being investigated, and may result in a recall if the sunroofs are found to be defective.

  • Darthanis

    Should of had a V8.

  • That’s disappointing, as that is one of the compelling features of the car. I test drove one and really enjoyed it, aside from a disappointing lack of power.

  • Tshirt

    I drove this car twice, once the manual and once the automatic. The manual was nicer, more pep than the auto. This car comes with a ton of standard options but the lack of power stopped me from buying it. The salesman’s pitch was a turbo model was coming… I don’t need a turbo mazda 3 or ford focus to feel fast but both of those cars had better get up and go for the money. It’s a sport car and Hyundai didn’t need to install their most fuel efficient engine. I think the 1.8L from the Elantra (150hp opposed to 148hp) would have been on the money.

  • Tomswifter

    There’s been some speculation that the frequencies generated by texting on phones cause a resonant frequency in the sunroof glass that causes it to shatter at certain temperatures. The glass material was intended to be a high quality byproduct acquired from an atom-smashing plant. The current theory involves residual anti-matter particles, which are suspended in the glass, becoming stimulated by the cell phone use. The major concern is that the microscopic black hole reaction in the glass not only reacts with the tinted matter of the sunroof, but it may also be sucking some of passengers brains out.

  • Jacque

    Its not just the Hyundai, my mother-in-law’s 2012 Nissan Murano had her sunroof explode on her yesterday.  Brand new car, only 2200 miles so far, no other traffic, mild weather, no rocks, traveling at 25 mph…BANG.  Nissan claims they have “never heard of such a thing happening”….I call b.s.

  • Tomd1753

    Just had the sunroof on my new (3 months) 2013 Hyundai SantaFe Sport explode while driving at 55 mph on the highway.  Luckily, I didn’t have the inside cover opened so the glass didn’t enter the car.  The noise was very loud.

  • Edie

    My son just had his sunroof explode yesterday, car bouth 6 mths ago, brand spanking new.  Similar stories to everyone else, normal road conditions, not speeding and it exploded all over them.  Luckily no glass went in his eyes and he didn’t crash.  Waiting to see what dealer says Hyundai come back with.

  • Mtstudio

    Our 2012 Volster sunroof exploded a week ago. Just driving down the road and it blew up. Not safe! Not sure if the replacement is safe either? How do we go about finding out if the replacement is modified? We have kids and do not feel safe with them in the backseat anymore

  • Marc

    Hi Tom, we just had the same problem with our brand new 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe. Did your dealer cover it under warranty, or did you have to go through your insurance company?