Hyundai ‘Walking Dead’ Elantra gets Spooky at SEMA

Hyundai ‘Walking Dead’ Elantra gets Spooky at SEMA

Not missing a beat, Hyundai brought its “Walking Dead” Elantra to the 2012 SEMA Show complete with gory props and a couple of zombie girls.

Walking Dead author Robert Kirkman penned the Elantra decked out as a zombie-ready tank and a short while later Hyundai built a physical version. With a spike-laden plow hanging from its front end and bladed spikes protruding from its wheels, the car fits the Halloween bill.

It also has cages over the windows and lights as well as a rear floodlight and a roof hatch to pop out of while shooting the undead. Finally, the car gets a matte grey finish to help it blend into the background during the impending zombie apocalypse.


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