Infiniti Emerg-E Concept Axed: Exec Confirms

Infiniti Emerg-E Concept Axed: Exec Confirms

Despite a seemingly warm reception, the glitzy Infiniti Emerge-E halo car concept is as dead as Elvis. 

But just like the King, elements of the Japanese automaker’s showmanship will live on in future products.

“The Emerg-E is not planned for future production at all,” Johan de Nysschen said to AutoCar, “ but it does offer an insight into our future powertrains and design direction. There will be strong cues in the G-series successor, particularly with the interior”

In fact, Infiniti already admitted during Pebble Beach last August that the Emerge_E would be a preview for the G series cars, though there wasn’t mention of the interior at that time.

It’s tough to imagine that too much of the concept’s cabin will make it into production, at least explicitly, given how striking it was. But then again, the brand might need to go in a more radical direction if it hopes to keep up with elements from the Lexus LF-CC sitting in Paris this week.

If the Emerg_E’s hybrid drivetrain makes it into future G series cars, it could offer a middle-ground range extended hybrid that would slot above the Chevrolet Volt and below the Fisker Karma — a segment Fisker hopes to snag with its Atlantic but wouldn’t be able to keep from Nissan.

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