Jeep Mulls Moving Manufacturing to China

Jeep Mulls Moving Manufacturing to China

Jeep is considering shipping its manufacturing to China in a cost-saving measure on the heels of weak European demand.

Weakness in the European auto market lead to slow sales for Chrysler but strong demand in China buoyed the brand. In fact, business in China is good enough that Chrysler might transplant its manufacturing operations. Should brand execs pull the trigger, it would mark the first time Chrysler built Jeeps in China since before 2009 when Fiat took a stake in the company.

That contradicts what Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne said almost a year ago amid concerns that Wrangler production might move from its current plant in Toledo, Ohio.

“This plant has been at the heart of what we’ve done. I’ve said publicly that I would never build the Wrangler outside the U.S. and outside of Toledo. These are things that are unthinkable — to assemble a Wrangler somewhere else,” Marchionne said in November, 2011.

But what was unthinkable a year ago might not seem so foreign. Manufacturing Jeep products in China could help the company save money while feeding a growing market with reduced expenses.

Mike Manley, Fiat Chrysler’s COO in Asia, seems bullish of the possibility. “The volume opportunity for us is very significant,” he, said to Bloomberg. “We’re reviewing the opportunities within existing capacity.”

Jeep’s sales in China more than doubled this year to 33,463 units through September, which could encourage the move further.

Despite that, moving all of the brand’s production to China wouldn’t sit well with American consumers.

[Source: Bloomberg]

  • Wslovacek

    Moving Jeep production to China, is like moving Ferrari production out of Italy. Sacrilegious!

  • Ckozlowski1

     If you make them in China- why don’t you SELL them in China.

    False story promoted by the habitual liar Mitt Romney to get votes from the ignorant voters.

  • Here is the correct story.–Chrysler-may-move-Jeep-production-to-China

    Romney started this FALSE story.  Jeep productions stays in USA factories per Chrysler/Jeep official statement. 

  • Dragonstalon1001

     If you’ll notice, this Article predates anything Romney has said about Jeep moving to China. Missed that little fact didn’t you?

  • Oh Yeah?

    Prove it was a false story promoted by Romney.

  • JJ

    He can’t.  But it’s the narrative the left has been instructed to run with….doesn’t matter Jeep isn’t going to China.  They’re going to Italy instead.

  • kapgg

      Marchionne talked about building Jeeps in China back in January as a Joint Venture.  He was probably told to back-peddle and say they weren’t going to build Jeeps in China.  Time will tell, but I wouldn’t bet the farm that they don’t start building them in China.

  • 52vector

    this article is click bait even though it predated Marchionne’s rebuttal to Rob Me 
    Marchionne knows he can never sell any China made cars here …….. soon anyway

  • Christene

    Yeah tool,…cuz you know more then Mike Manley, Fiat Chrysler’s COO in Asia ?!?! But yeah, the liberal news is fair and balanced, RIGHT?

  • Airdropper

    Romney’s source was Bloomberg Financial, not the Detroit Press.