Lamborghini Aventador Four-Seater Concept Heading to Geneva Motor Show

Lamborghini Aventador Four-Seater Concept Heading to Geneva Motor Show

Italian supercar manufacturer Lamborghini might bring a more practical, grand touring version of its Aventador to the 2013 Geneva Motor Show according to recent reports.

Should it come to the show, the four-seat Lambo would likely run on an extended wheelbase with short rear suicide panels, Car Magazine reports. The car would have two small rear jump seats, making it more practical but certainly far from, say, touring options from Maserati.

In fact, it’s hard to imagine the car even having as much rear space as a Ferrari FF given the car’s mid-engine V12 setup. Then again, the car will already have to run on a longer wheelbase which raises the question: how much longer will that wheelbase be?

Given that Lamborghini decided to run with it Urus SUV concept rather than the Estoque concept, (seen above) this could be a play to cash in on the customers who would have preferred a sedan.

GALLERY: Lamborghini Estoque


[Source: Car Magazine]

  • Ryan

    The Estoque seems to be the smarter move than a 4 door Aventador, but i’m not a potential lamborghini customer, so my opinion likely counts for nil.


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