Lexus LFA Race Against Eclipse 500 Explained

Lexus LFA Race Against Eclipse 500 Explained

Auto enthusiasts probably know the airplane versus supercar schtick pretty well at this point. It’s old hat. Or is it?

It’s a different kind of drag race that will be taking place in Longmont, Colo. today – one between a Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition and an Eclipse 500 executive jet. In this case, Lexus is pitting the car against a jet, but in a different kind of race. This time, the airplane will have a flying start while the LFA will sprint to reach it from a standstill. But it doesn’t end there. Instead, the car and plane will also have to take a sharp u-turn and race back to the starting line.

When the jet passes Scott Pruett, who will be in the LFA, it will already be travelling roughly 170 mph but that might not matter.

The track will offer close to a mile-long straightaway and the LFA Nurburgring edition will have the chance to run toward its more than 200 mph top speed and exhibit its improved handling characteristics.

The race takes place today, and Paul Williamsen, national manager of the Lexus College, explains it below.

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  • Inchorfoot

    There’s so much more to critcize about this article and the other stories from AutoGuide but this one I couldn’t resist.  Scott Pruett is a NASCAR driver?  When was the last time Scott drove a NASCAR prepared car in compitition?  At least try to get things right.

  • Marc

    I flew the jet.  You
    ask about Scott’s CV.  I’m not sure what qualifications you think he lacks, but here is some of his driving accomplishments:

    Scott is a
    five-time Rolex Series Champion (2004, 2008, 2010, 2011, and 2012), and
    three-time Rolex 24 At Daytona winner. In 2010, he and co-driver Memo Rojas
    dominated the field with 11 podium finishes, and set the record for GRAND-AM
    wins in a single season with nine wins. Pruett is the single most successful
    Daytona Prototype driver ever – holding career records for wins (31), pole
    positions (32), podium finishes (59) and laps led (2152). Together, Pruett and
    Rojas hold the distinction of being the most successful driving pair in series


    More importantly, from my perspective, he took me on a hot
    lap in the LFA.  Oh, my!  That’s the fastest I’ve ever been in a
    car.  But even more amazing was the skill
    it took to brake at 177 mph AT THE LAST POSSIBLE FRACTION OF A SECOND, the accelerate out of the turn at the limits of adhesion.  What a treat… Scott has my full respect as an absolutely
    awesome driver.