Lingenfelter Retrokit Transforms Chevy Camaro into a Retro Muscle Car

Lingenfelter Retrokit Transforms Chevy Camaro into a Retro Muscle Car

Got yourself a 2010-2012 Chevrolet Camaro but wish it had more of the authentic 1969 muscle car look? Lingenfelter Performance Engineering felt the same and developed a new Retrokit for the new-age Camaro to give it that retro muscle car appearance.

“Many Camaro fans were disappointed when the design of the fifth gen Camaro didn’t look as much as the ’69 Camaro as, say, the new Mustang looked like the original,” said Owner Ken Lingenfelter.  “With our Retrokits package, enthusiasts can have the best of both worlds – the technology of today paired with the muscle car styling of the past.”

The Lingenfelter Retrokit comes with a 1969-style non-RS system front bumper, or an RS system front bumper with hideaway headlights. In addition, the conversion kit comes with a lower spoiler, standard chrome bumper, grille assembly with SS badge, headlight assemblies, lower running light assemblies, all required mounting brackets, and wiring harness assembly.

Of course interested enthusiasts can purchase the conversion kit from Lingenfelter directly or drop off their car at the Lingenfelter facility to have it transformed. The non-RS system is priced from $6,850 without installation, while the RS starts at $8,150. Installation from Lingenfelter is $1,700 for the non-RS system while the RS will cost an additional $1,600.

  • Musicalgangsta333

    changing the front bumper of a new school camaro doesn’t recreate the muscle car look in my opinion I think people should stick to the classics or move foward u cant mix them both

  • Imcamod11


  • Papachuck63

    they were going for the old school look anyway.They just didn’t go far enough.