Man Rents Chevrolet Camaro SS, Gets 2LT V6 Instead

Man Rents Chevrolet Camaro SS, Gets 2LT V6 Instead

It was a nasty surprise for Eddie Ramones when he signed up to rent a Chevrolet Camaro SS while on vacation only to discover he had been bamboozled into driving the V6 model.

Ramones travelled to Hawaii for vacation noticed an ad with a Camaro SS convertible available for rent while at the Hertz desk.

But after a short period with the so-called SS, Ramones didn’t seem very pleased – in fact, it felt slow for a V8. After popping the hood, he was surprised to see a V6 under the hood, and after checking the VIN came to the conclusion that Hertz had actually rented him a 2LT V6 model.

So how did this happen? Ramones doesn’t know, but at least he got a refund. For now, the rental company has set the car aside until it determines what had happened.

[Source: Jalopnik]

  • I would be so mad if I found out that I didn’t get what I paid for. I would have some words for Hertz.