Mazda6 Coupe in the Works

Mazda6 Coupe in the Works

Mazda is working on bringing a coupe version of the 6 to market sometime in 2014, followed by a Mazdaspeed version later on reports Autoexpress. 

A new coupe variant would act as a halo car for the brand, and would be the third body style for the Mazda 6, joining the wagon and the sedan.

When asked about a new Mazdaspeed 6, program manager Hiroshi Kajiyama said, “there is a high potential for this, and it would be helpful to the brand.” Currently, the most powerful engine Mazda offers is a 2.2-litre turbodiesel in the Sport model of the 6 that makes 173 hp. A Mazdaspeed variant could use a tuned up version of that engine, or a new engine all together.

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[Source: Auto Express]

  • G978

    Excellent news

  • Joe

    Build a MS6 with at least 275HP and a fast shifting paddle auto (would love a stick but have a bad left knee and ankle-military injury so save the flames), and I WILL PREORDER one!!!