Mazda Skyactiv Might be Shared with Fiat, Alfa Romeo

Mazda Skyactiv Might be Shared with Fiat, Alfa Romeo

No-holds-barred technology sharing between Mazda and Fiat might be on the table.

Mazda and Fiat announced in May that the two automakers would join forces to create a new Alfa Romeo model. Not only could the relationship now lead to multiple vehicles, the Japanese automaker expressed that nothing is off limits in sharing with Fiat, including its Skyactiv technology.

Under the initial proposal, each company was to control its vehicle designs using proprietary powertrains respectively. The two automakers also agreed on exploring any options that would cut back on costs, with Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne confirming that both parties are “open to any solutions that lessen capital.”

That could include Mazda sharing its new Skyactiv technology which was developed to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions on the automaker’s vehicles.

Mazda is also looking to leverage its relationship with Fiat in other markets where the Japanese automaker has a weak presence. For example, South America, India, and Africa where Fiat has strong footholds.

[Source: Wards Auto]