Mazda6 Crossover Under Consideration With X6 Style

Mazda6 Crossover Under Consideration With X6 Style

The 2014 Mazda6 has already garnered plenty of attention, and the Japanese automaker is more than in love with its newest platform. So much so, that the automaker is considering a unique crossover based on its third-generation Mazda6.

Hiroshi Kajiyama, the Mazda6’s program manager, went on the record stating that he wants to create a crossover model, and confessed that it could be done quite easily. Kajiyama wouldn’t just build any crossover though, he desires for a model that would be a completely new style of vehicle, filling an empty space in automaker’s portfolio.

More importantly though, a Mazda6-based crossover wouldn’t just be like a traditional SUV. Kajiyama was stern that it would fit in with the automaker’s ‘zoom zoom’ slogan of being fun to drive – raising speculation that it could be a coupe-style crossover similar in shape to a vehicle like the BMW X6.

Kajiyama elaborated that a crossover model would take precedence over a two-door coupe, despite rumors that a coupe is being highly considered. Of course right now the Japanese automaker wants to just focus on the launch of its newest Mazda6, and new models will come based on consumer demand.

[Source: Drive]