MINI Convertible to go Motor Boating on Charles River

MINI Convertible to go Motor Boating on Charles River

Strange as it may seem, MINI’s latest marketing ploy involves driving a car on water. Well, sort of.

Each year, MINI turns the month of October to “Motor-Tober,” where the British automaker finds ways to celebrate all that is fun with the brand. This year, MINI is putting on what it calls the “Not Normal Sales Event” and in its mission to live up to the name, a MINI Convertible boat was created.

The Chili Red MINI Convertible will be motoring along the Charles River at the Head of Charles Regetta (HOCR) in Cambridge, Mass. Aside from the rowing competitors, the MINI Convertible boat will be the only other vessel on the race course which spans three miles long between the Boston University Boathouse to Christian Herter Park.

The MINI Convertible boat is powered by a 6-hp outboard motor and will be operated by a member of the HOCR River Control Committee. This won’t be the only appearance for the unique convertible MINI will be using it at several other events and fans might even see it motoring along on the Potomac or Hudson rivers.

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