MINI Countryman Rear Bench Seat Standard in 2013

MINI Countryman Rear Bench Seat Standard in 2013

American MINI Countryman customers won’t have to choose a rear bench seat in 2013 because that configuration will be standard.

It used to be that buying a MINI Countryman meant dealing with rear bucket seats with a quirky metal rail running through the middle of its rear bucket seats. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regulations initially kept the brand from offering a middle seat because of the car was too narrow to qualify for a third bum in the back.

But those regulations changed and MINI subsequently offered a back bench, although only as an option. That will be different in 2013 when the bench will become its standard rear seat accommodation, dropping the car’s price $250 and ditching the gimmicky sliding cup holders.

[ Source: MotoringFile]

  • Wayne Polsin

    that being said,,,, there is no cup holders at all now in the back, if you have a bucket seat. I have a 9 yr old child, and no place for her to put her drink. That is a major oversight by mini. has anyone else got this complaint?