Neiman Marcus McLaren 12C Spider Costs Extra $85,750

Neiman Marcus McLaren 12C Spider Costs Extra $85,750

Fast, stylish and undeniably sexy, the McLaren MP4 12C Spider is this year’s pick for the Neiman Marcus Christmas book.

Every year the Christmas Book offers an exclusive selection of high-priced gifts ranging from luxury items to fantasy experiences. Among the items that range from fancy to absurd, the special edition 12C comes in Volcano red  and includes a McLaren luggage set. There are 12 cars available and the purchase price also includes a trip for each buyer to England for a dinner with company chairman Ron Dennis and a tour of the automaker’s facility.

For each purchase Neiman Marcus will also donate $3,000 to Big Brothers Big Sisters. Apart from the donation, VIP trip and tour, the car is supposed to come with special features which aren’t specifically explained.

And at $354,000, there’s a lot of explaining to do. The special edition costs $85,750 more than a “normal: 12C Spider which is a hefty chunk even with the extras mentioned here.


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