Nissan Begins eMotor Trails at Tennessee Plant – Video

Nissan Begins eMotor Trails at Tennessee Plant – Video

Nissan might ship production for some of the motors going into its Leaf EVs to the U.S. in a cost-cutting measure.

Currently, the Nissan Leaf’s eMotor is being built and assembled in Japan, but as sales struggle, Nissan is trying to reign in its manufacturing costs. The eMotor will be produced in Decherd, Tennessee, about 70 miles away from where the Leaf will be produced at the Smyrna, Tennessee plant.

Adam Reed, Nissan’s globally certified trainer for eMotor production has now spent a pair of three-month stints in Japan to learn how to sculpt the eMotor, which consists of more than one mile of copper wiring. Production trials for the eMotor are now happening at the plant in Decherd.

“The winding takes place on a very complex piece of equipment,” said Reed. “It has two parts at a time traversing inside the equipment going in different directions.  So it’s very hard to keep up with sometimes.”

The automaker estimates that it takes about 25 people per shift to ensure an electric motor is made properly and is more time consuming than assembling standard gasoline engines.

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