Nissan Developing Emergency Self-Steering System

Nissan Developing Emergency Self-Steering System

Announcing further developments in self-driving car research, Nissan has revealed what it calls an “Autonomous Emergency Steering System” at its annual Advanced Technology Briefing.

While automatic braking systems, (which fully apply the brakes if no action is taken by the driver), gain popularity, Nissan aims to be the first to market with an emergency autonomous self-steering system.

According to Nissan, “The system takes effect in situations where unpredictable risks arise, such as sudden intrusions onto the road in low speed zones, or when a collision at high speed is imminent due to the driver’s delayed recognition of the tail end of a traffic jam.”

The idea behind the technology is to further improve collision avoidance, especially in situations where braking alone won’t suffice. It works by using radar and cameras on the front and rear, as well as five laser scanners located around the car. These all work to not only avoid a forward collision, but to ensure any action taken by the car won’t result in another collision.

The announcement is part of Nissan’s larger “Vision Zero” plan to eliminate all traffic fatalities and serious injuries.

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  • Keith

    i like electric cars but I do not like the Nissan Leaf. I do not want a computer automatically steering and braking my car. The passenger seat is for people who cannot drive. I will pass on Nissan’s technology.