Nissan Fit Tests Nearly 100 Child Safety Seats – Video

Nissan Fit Tests Nearly 100 Child Safety Seats – Video

Nissan says that it is the only automaker in the world that fit-tests nearly one hundred child safety seats in almost every vehicle it makes, and has now extended its ‘Snug Kids’ program to the US and Canada.

The unique program, which has been running for 10 years, occurs each time a new vehicle model is launched. The automaker then publishes its results online for car buyers to review. Nissan plans on launching five new models within the next 15 months, so the automaker is hard at work right now test-fitting child safety seats.

According to Nissan, hundreds of hours are spent on testing child safety seats, and the program is extremely important to the company.

“We really feel that protecting what everyone considers their most precious cargo, children, to be so important that we have dedicated an engineering team in product safety to fit child safety seats to each one of our models,” said Bob Yakushi, Nissan’s director of Product Safety.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently released a list of common baby seat installation mistakes. Nissan hopes to help curb those by ensuring consumers first purchase a seat that fits properly in their vehicle.

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