Nissan Proves the General Public Still Uninformed on EVs

Nissan Proves the General Public Still Uninformed on EVs

While all electric vehicles have been on the market for almost two full years now, it seems the general public is still unaware of exactly how these technolgies function, a problem that the partnership of Nissan and Renault is looking to remedy.

On the eve of this years Paris Motor Show, Nissan walked the streets of Paris asking strangers about EV technology and all electric cars, and received a varied range of responses. Some knew the exact answers, while it seems most people questioned were not informed on EV specifications and technology.

A recent JD Power study also reinforces these responses, as their findings say that the average consumer expects a fully-charged battery electric car to offer a range of 156 miles, while the average electric car only offers 100 miles.

Nissan than went to Renault and Nissan Execs at the show the following day, to set the record straight and debunk the myths surrounding battery powered vehicles.

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  • Chad W

    I think Nissan is smoking some bad grass.  The public seems to be very well informed.  They demand a car that can go 219 miles on a single tank/charge.  Anything less is a no-go.  They know that current EVs can barely reach the end of their drive way.  Nissan needs to accept that people use their cars for much more than commuting to work, they want to road-trip to the next city over, which may be more than 80 miles.  Duh.  Nissan is just sulking because their cars are simply not what the public will buy.


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