Nissan Teasing New Concept for Sao Paulo Auto Show

Nissan Teasing New Concept for Sao Paulo Auto Show

Nissan just teased an upcoming concept that the Japanese brand will be showing off at the Sao Paulo International Motor Show this year. 

“The showcar will dazzle on two counts,” said Shiro Nakamura. “It is a genuinely new and exciting concept, and it will explode with energetic design and impressive color that fully express our impression toward the country.”

The concept was penned specifically for the Sao Paulo show by a Brazilian design team. It was built in Brazil, and is demonstrating Nissan’s commitment to customers in that country. In 2011, Nissan doubled its market share in Brazil, and now takes up two percent of the new car market. A new manufacturing facility is also being constructed in Brazil, which will be completed in 2014 and will churn out 200,000 units a year.

Not much else is known about the car, but the teasers show that it will adopt some of the existing GT-R and 370Z styling.

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