Raptor Assault Program Offers Rock-Crawling Lessons

Raptor Assault Program Offers Rock-Crawling Lessons

Hark, off-road enthusiasts, Ford is offering a program to satisfy your off-road rampage yearning.

Called the Ford Racing Raptor Assault Program, Ford is offering a new program that takes place in Moller Motorsports Park outside Salt Lake City. Participants will experience a variety of terrain to test the 2013 SVT Raptor’s prowess including an eight-acre rock-crawling course, a 22-acre high-speed off-road short course and a 900-acre desert racing course.

The program includes three options: a hot lap ride-along, a three-hour driving experience that includes rock crawling and a short off-road course and a day-long package that includes driving on all three facilities and hot laps with a professional driver.

Registration for the program is open now and the program will begin on April 4, 2013. The three-hour experience costs $300 before buying a $25 insurance package to limit your liability to $5,000. Opting for the full-day course costs $1,395 and insurance jumps to $100, limiting driver liability to the same $5,000.


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