‘Revolver Truck’ has Eight Voices: 2012 SEMA Preview

‘Revolver Truck’ has Eight Voices: 2012 SEMA Preview

Imagine choosing from eight different exhaust notes without ever leaving your truck – that’s what Magnaflow senior manager Richard Waitas did not too long ago and look what happened.

“What’s deep, what’s raspy, what’s throaty and what’s not is different from ear to ear. ‘Loud’ has many levels and characteristics. But with the launch of the Revolver Truck, MagnaFlow has found a way to provide an answer to the question” Waitas said.

It’s called the “Revolver Truck” because just like John Wayne’s gun, this thing can rotate between payloads although in this case it’s an engine’s bark instead of bullets. Waitas’ idea started as he sat in an airport sketching on a napkin, but before long he had automotive legend Chip Foose on board with the project.

The two worked with CW Restorations to build the truck, which uses the body of a 1949 Chevrolet 3100 with a GM-sourced 6.2-liter V8 and of course the custom exhaust system. Of course, it also sports a custom interior, but details on what that will include are still scarce.

There aren’t even teaser photos available yet, but then again the truck will be fully revealed in less than a month on October 30 during the SEMA show in Las Vegas.