Scion FR-S the First of Three Sports Cars Says Chief Engineer

Scion FR-S the First of Three Sports Cars Says Chief Engineer

The Toyota GT86 or Scion FR-S as it’s known on our shores may just be the best new sports car in a generation, but it certainly won’t be the last of its kind. According to chief engineer Tetsuya Tada, the FR-S is just the first of three planned sports cars by the world’s largest automaker.

Speaking to Top Gear in the Philippines, Tada not only confirmed that two more cars are coming, but let slip details about where they will fit in in the Toyota lineup.

Surprisingly, as impressive a performance bargain as the FR-S is, it will fill the middle slot in the brand’s new sports car lineup.

“The first is more mass-market and cheaper than the 86,” Tada said. And the third, well, it’s, “more upmarket than the 86.”

Early rumors of the GT86/FR-S has the car positioned as vehicle priced right around $20,000. It’s thought that the rising value of the Japanese yen resulted in the higher eventual cost, though perhaps this even more budget-oriented sports car is yet to come.

Tada would not confirm is the higher performance model would be a successor to the Supra, though what we do know from previous comments is that its next-gen halo sports car for the brand won’t be a hybrid.

[Source: TopGear]

  • Sami Haj-Assaad

    It will be interesting to see a 100% Toyota sports car again. Before, they collaborated with Subaru and it was a success. Will they go back to collaborating with another automaker again?

  • Knowledge

    They are making a sports car with BMW

  • chavitz chavis

    No, they are going to jointly develop certain sports car componets and bettery, not cars at all.

  • Sanjay Moodley

    Please let it be a Supra successor !

  • chavitz chavis

    Very likely, it will be the Toyota-Subaru collaboration. Because the subaru’s box engine is very unique, Toyota sports cars equiped with box engines can easily beat BMWs’ and directly compete with Porschs’ in terms of performance,prices and reliablity

  • Gavin Varitech

    Maybe the cheaper one will replace the Scion TC? 

  • Davi

    What is the name of each of the cars in this picture?

  • Guest

     top to bottom……
    Corolla ae86
    not sure what the last car is

  • Optimusconvoy

     The last one is the Sports 800, Toyota’s 1st sports car which had a boxer engine.


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