Scion Uses Art, Heavy Metal to Attract New Demographic

Scion Uses Art, Heavy Metal to Attract New Demographic

The Scion brand was created from the get go to attract a younger, hipper audience. At its core, Scion has always been about customization and personalization, as a way to express yourself through your car.

But as times change, so do buyers, and now the Japanese automaker is focusing on heavy metal enthusiasts through diverse ways of marketing. It will be hosting an exhibition by British-born artist French out in Los Angeles on September 29th, titled “Verita Vltima Vitae.” In addition to French’s artwork being on display, guests will be treated to limited edition goods produced by French, and celebrates items used in daily life such as tea sets, skateboard decks, and beer koozies.

The alternative way of marketing is certainly interesting for a brand that mostly targeted young teens that were interested in modifying their vehicles. But Scion’s recent lifestyle efforts include live heavy metal shows, CDs, vinyl albums, and music videos.

But hey, if no other automaker is targeting this demographic, who is to say Scion doesn’t belong? According to Jeri Yoshizu, Scion’s manager of sales promotions, “A lot of music blogs write about Scion releases now.”

“We really put a lot of effort into the metal market because they actually buy cars,” Yoshizu elaborated. “All those negative things about these kids, it’s changing. They recognize value.”

[Source: Scion A/V Blog via Adweek]