September 2012 Auto Sales: Toyota, VW Stay Strong

September 2012 Auto Sales: Toyota, VW Stay Strong

Among a relatively mundane sales month across the board, there were still a few big winners riding high above the pack.

This month, those were Honda, Toyota, Hyundai and Volkswagen — vastly outpacing the Detroit Three in terms of growth. Combined, Honda and Acura’s sales rose 31 percent over September last year.

Toyota flung its numbers up an impressive 42 percent which wasn’t something any other volume manufacturer could compete with. Despite that, Volkswagen boasted an impressive 32 percent improvement over September, 2011.

Progress was slow for the most part on the domestic front with Ford’s figures coming in stagnant. General Motors posted 2 percent growth which beat Ford but fell 10 percent short of Chrysler which posted 12 percent gains. In fact, Fiat reported a 51 percent improvement by selling 1,400 additional units over last year, which is almost half of General Motor’s brand-wide growth this month.

If anything, this month’s numbers suggest that consumers are leaning strongly toward more fuel efficient vehicles even as autumn arrives — typically a time when gas prices start to fall from summer peaks.