Smaller Mercedes G-Class Under Consideration

Smaller Mercedes G-Class Under Consideration

Mercedes-Benz has a lot on its plate with 10 new models scheduled by 2020. One of those models under consideration is a baby G-Class that will likely be called GLG if it makes it to production.

The smaller SUV will presumably take styling cues from the G-Class, but with a range of smaller engines while a higher AMG model could sport around 350 hp. If it is to be built, it will sit on the MFA platform seen on the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class.

The project has been internally nicknamed “mini-G” and will complement the GLA crossover, undoubtedly as a more rugged alternative. There’s a good chance we’ll see a more boxy styling on the GLG, giving owners the perception of additional space and improved visibility.

Aimed at the new Land Rover Defender that’s coming in 2015, Mercedes is even considering a front-wheel drive variant for the smaller G-Class while the engine lineup will mimick what’s going to be offered in the A- and B-Class models.

The project hasn’t gotten the green light yet, but there are rumblings that the GLG is at the top of the list for priority. If things don’t get going soon, a launch isn’t likely until mid 2015.

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