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 |  Oct 30 2012, 7:35 PM

With the Five Axis Lexus LS F Sport undoubtedly stealing the show at the Japanese automaker’s booth – even more so than the Nurburgring Edition LFA – it would be excusable to miss the supercharged GS F Sport located outside.

No longer the talk of the town, the Lexus GS has made way for the newer LS model. Nonetheless, the aftermarket has embraced the refreshed GS sedan with VIP Auto Salon showing off what can be done to make it even sportier.

Under the hood is a custom supercharger kit from A’PEXi that has an estimated 60-hp gain over the 306 hp from the factory 3.5L V6. Expelling all the excess fumes is a PTS Joe Z Series true dual, header-back exhaust system.

As for aesthetics, VIP Auto Salon equipped the GS F Sport with a full Wald aero kit while the RS*R Luxury Best i coilovers gives the GS an impressive stance. On all four corners are Vossen CV7 wheels, completing the exterior modifications. Braking performance has been increased with a Brembo High Performance GT brake kit.

GALLERY: VIP Auto Salon Lexus GS F Sport