Teen Drinking and Driving Declining but Still Problematic

Teen Drinking and Driving Declining but Still Problematic

Despite teen drinking and driving decreasing better than 50 percent in the last decade, teens still commit the offense roughly 2.4 million times per month.

A new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that last year, nearly one million teenagers drank alcohol and got behind the wheel.

Statistics also show that ethnicity and age play a major role in whether or not a teen drinks and drives, with a greatly higher percentage of 18-plus-year-olds getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.

Of course education is always the primary way to help prevent drinking and driving, especially with teenagers. Parents should continue educating their teens on the risks of drinking and driving, but more importantly parents should lead by example.

The CDC also study showed that 85 percent of teenagers in high school admitted to binge drinking – having five or more alcholic drinks within a couple of hours.