Top 10 Worst Cars of the 2012 SEMA Show

Top 10 Worst Cars of the 2012 SEMA Show
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6. Lowrider Civic

Call it a lowrider, stanced or hellaflush. We just call it as it is… and it ain’t pretty. A rather unspectacular Honda Civic, worse than the paint job or even the choice of wheels is an interior that looks like a couch from the ’80s.

  • Srburkett

    I beg to differ on a few of these… the Swagnum is a beautiful mix of Lowrider heritage and modern day car.

  • Snrlopez

    Lmao… Did they really not walk around and actually look at some of the cars and mod job there… Either way I’m in your head….

  • Huh?

    What’s wrong with the Chrysmaro?  It doesn’t deserve to be on this list at all, let alone as the worst.  The modifications on it are amazing!

  • Diablo

    The Chrysmaro taking another best off not bad not bad…

  • Andrew Txswiftcouncil

    Not Only does your top ten pick suck!!! But So does you’re photos! You guys think you are big shots and sad the quality of photos looks like they came from a phone cam!! Try Hiring a Pro Next time!! And Stop Hating on everyone’s rides, when you guys have absolute zero custom vehicle scene qualifications or obvious knowledge. Stick to the Boring factory cars you guys enjoy writing about after Reading a Road and Track Magazine!!!

  • Omelen56

    Who pick and write this???

  • Tomst37

    Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. These paint jobs may be great but it doesn’t change what is underneath and what is underneath is terrible. Thanks

  • Gavin Babineaux

    It’s a freakin train wreck. Any real Chevy and/or Mopar fan should rightfully be disgusted.

  • slim

    loving the 4×4 and six wheels

  • Richard

    Honestly, all these cars are so cheap and trashy looking how can you rate what’s best or worst.  Who would spend money just to end up looking like an idiot out in the real world?

  • Crownabove

    I pick this as the worst article that I’ve read about the SEMA show,,,bunch of HATERS

  • Kieyeh1

    the chevelle I have to agree with..that car suck with those big wheel

  • Car Guy

    This is sad, making fun of someones hard work when you have no skills at all. You should be ashamed of yourself. The cars may not be to my taste, but I can appreciate there hard work and ingenuity. OK except maybe th evelvet on the roof of the R8. If they had gone with full long faux fur, I could have gotten more into it.

  • Tmaciel21

    You know what I think is funny, is the fact that they can’t spell or mis-type words in there description of the car. These guys are idiots. Some of these cars aren’t half bad. To each his own.

  • P169

    who ever wrote this needs fired

  • frank fuzzy

    The Audi R8 with the partial velvet wrap received 4 Global Media Awards at the SEMA Show, you idiot…Do not read this website anymore…they really do not know what they are talking about.

  • frank fuzzy

    So agree with you…The Audi R8 with the partial velvet wrap received 4 Global Media Awards at the SEMA Show…Do not read this website anymore…they really do not know what they are talking about. 

  • CZP01

    Sounds like some of the car owners are offended by the top ten picks. I have to agree with the editors. These “rides” are extreme to the bad side. Kick it up a notch and get into the world of automotive technology and design and get out of the neighborhood body shop.

  • Gunther

    You should pay attention to the forums you are a member of before you post members’ vehicles in your uber douchey videos.

  • Winner

    SEMA needs to start screening the cars that make it into their shows. Too bad for the proud owners and builders of these cars, because they don’t even realize that the rest of the world is laughing at these piles of crap

  • kyle

    ur queer

  • No

    They’re just cars who gives a shit 

  • Anti-slab

    Come on guys some of these are just bad. Not my style but at the same time its not my car so I could care less. I must say lambo door and big wheels are so gay

  • Xt19

    A Civic has no business in the SEMA show. You know if it weren’t at SEMA some average D high school kid would be cruising around in it on Main Street.

  • Xt19

     The paint job hurts my eyes.

  • Dubhouchin

    How does this person get a column in the first place if that’s the worst SEMA has to offer then we should all be pretty pleased. You sir do not deserve to talk about anything car-related go judge quilting instead

  • Larrykibbons


  • G Money

    Yo, that Swagnum be gettinnnn ASSSSS son.

  • Car Lover

    The Audi R8 was the coolest car of the show!  So love the velvet accents–fresh and stylin’ concept!

  • Dmrage

     your right there cars but these people dont know custom the car with the camaro front thats a show car might not be the taste of someone but dude win big show everywhere so people better wake up

  • Abn

    one of the most badass trucks out there get a new job cuz u fucked this one up fags

  • Abn

    sick 4×4

  • Vanjim

    While i agree with about half of your choices, it is your website that really SUCKS! Every time I clicked on a picture it returned to the top of the page so all I saw was your stupid title page and more friggin’ ads!! Whats wrong with just having the picture scroll as I look at them. Very annoying the way it is.

  • Ken ServelloJr

    Fucking  UGLY ass cars!!!  andrew, you  BLIND?     there’s customizaton.then there’s THIS  SHIT!!   10 extremely UGLY  cars

  • DewayneS

    i think you are not aware of what SEMA is about Mr Auto Professional, it was not the detroit auto show,
     SEMA is about radical,  Rides, Customizers, Artist selling dreams, I dont Like Picaso’s Work but if i found one i would be proud to own it. MOna Lisa looks cheap also, but the rarity  is what people want.
    i think you have a KIA with Pep Boys fender vents, Flame seat covers with matching floor mats on  15×7 centerlines, with wide ovals,
    Bro things have changed

  • Marcosc435

    Are you serious with your top ten picks?!? How can the 300/camaro be the number one worst car over the chevelle? Obviously some one does not know how to judge custom cars. Just stick to judging factory cars and not custom cars cause you dont know anything about this category.


    Mr. Auto Guide, you have no business writting about cars.
    Hope we can meet at next SEMA Show.  I will be looking for you.

  • Punk708

    I always wanted to go to this show.  Think I’ll save my money and finish off my own ride that will stand the test of time.  By the way who would bank roll all that crap…