Toyo Tires Takes on Mayan Doomsday in New Contest

Toyo Tires Takes on Mayan Doomsday in New Contest
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Toyo Tires won’t just be showing off four customized rides and its collection of products at the 2012 SEMA Show, a custom two-door 4×4 vehicle will also be on display in Las Vegas – a giveaway vehicle that is part of the tire maker’s newest promotion.

The promotion, dubbed “Toyo Tires vs. The Mayans” has Toyo fans choosing sides: Toyo Tires or the Mayans. Those that believe the world is going to end on December 21st, 2012 can side with the Mayans and miss out on a chance for a lot of goodies. Those that side with Toyo Tires have a chance to win the grand prize: the previously mentioned two-door 4×4 vehicle equipped with Toyo’s newest Open Country A/T II tires.

In addition, the first place winner will also get a trip to the Yucatan Peninsula to see the Mayan Ruins themselves. For runner up pries, Toyo Tires will also be giving away a set of tires each week for eight weeks.

And what if the apocalypse does happen? In that unlikely event, Toyo says, free tires for everyone in the entire world!