Viper Smart Start Uses Siri to Start Cars

Viper Smart Start Uses Siri to Start Cars
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Imagine relying on Siri to start your car during a zombie apocalypse and hearing “sorry, I didn’t get that…”

It probably wouldn’t make your day, but take the hordes of brain-craving monsters out of the equation and you’d have a pretty cool party trick up your sleeve. That’s probably what Viper, a company that sells aftermarket remote start systems, is hoping. It just launched a system that allows users to start their cars remotely through Siri, Apple’s iPhone voice command software.

The system is part of Viper’s latest app release and requires an iPhone 4s or iPhone 5 upgraded to iOS 6. Assuming you’ve got all that, the app can start or lock your car and can switch between properly equipped vehicles at the touch of a button.

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