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 |  Oct 29 2012, 4:16 PM

Phaeton Preview

Remember the Phaeton, Volkswagen’s take on a flagship sedan? It was an all-around nice vehicle but it never really caught on with luxury-car buyers, especially when it was offered in America. You can blame pricing for that.

The Phaeton’s sticker could top $100,000, which was just too much for a People’s Car. It was pulled from the American market back in 2006, though sales have continued overseas. But could it be making a comeback? Gillies said “There’s a new one coming out [it’s] a couple years out,” adding “we haven’t said anything officially.”

Rumor has it the car’s been completely overhauled and will be revealed sometime next year. Surprisingly it could also be brought back to America. If it does make the trans-Atlantic trip it would likely start at a much more reasonable base price of around $70,000.

Given how aggressive Volkswagen is in the United States – it wants to sell 800,000 units annually by 2018 – the resurrected Phaeton could push it over the top, or at least generate enough buzz to help sell a few extra Passats.