BMW i4 Could Debut at LA Auto Show

BMW i4 Could Debut at LA Auto Show

BMW’s i sub-brand is focused on sustainable mobility by offering purpose-built electric vehicles. The company has already revealed two amped-up concepts with the i3 and i8, but rumor has it another model is on the way.

Called the i4, it could take a bow at the Los Angeles Auto Show late next month. Supposedly the car will be a sportier version of the i3, with just two doors and two seats. It will likely share the same all-electric drivetrain and carbon fiber-intensive construction.

The i3 is a pure electric vehicle powered by a 170 hp motor mounted directly over the rear axle.  According to the company it should be able to scamper from a standstill to 62 mph in less than eight seconds.

The i8 is the company’s take on a plug-in hybrid. Its drivetrain is a modified version of what’s found in the i3. The electric motor is augmented by a rear-mounted 220 hp three-cylinder engine. All told it should be able to accelerate from zero to 62 mph in less than five seconds.

If and when the i4 goes into production it’s speculated it would sticker for around $50,000, but this is likely a complete guess pulled straight out of, well, you know where.

As for the i4’s grand unveiling, the LA Auto Show is just a few weeks away. If it takes a bow in the City of Angels, AutoGuide will have it covered.

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