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 |  Nov 19 2012, 11:35 AM

VW Bulli

Volkswagen used to be defined by its van, so it’s no surprise that autoshow attendees were all clamoring for the Bulli. With its modern-take on the storied microbus, the Bulli was a huge hit.

In the end though, the idea was shelved, with apparently not enough interest spurring VW to make the retro looking van. It would have been nice, thanks to its spacious 7-passenger seating, and a pair of seven inch screens.

  • Adam Donohue

    Left out the Dodge Copperhead!? 

  • Catfan

    It should have been branded as an Imperial.  Great idea!

  • SpencerRynberg

    I saw the Dodge Demon in person about 2 years ago at Trenton engine north. It looked so much better in person.

  • Carlos

    Concept cars are never meant to “go anywhere”. They built as showy platforms, for various new features. There are probably many features, on your own car, that debuted at a car show, on a concept car.